Yoichi Yabe



1957年 東京生まれ。


以来、アメリカズ・カップ(1992 年~)、オリンピック競技大会(バルセロナ、アトランタ)、ボルボ(旧ウィットブレッド)レース、ミニトランサット、ザ・レースなど、ヨット界の頂点とされる数々のイベントをカバー。日本の海洋冒険家、白石康次郎の世界一周航海/単独世界一周レース・チャレンジも、その最初から撮影を続けている。

2010 年には、世界でもっとも美しく重要なヨットのひとつ、J クラス・エンデバーのオフィシャルフォトグラファーとなり、大改修工事の過程から再進水後のレースシーンを追った。


美しい曲線とクラフツマンシップをこよなく愛し、木製クラシックヨットの世界に導かれた。日本では、1972年建造の S&Sニス塗装のマホガニー製ヨット、カムシンのクルーメンバーのひとり。ヨーロッパでは、パネライ クラシック ヨット チャレンジの常連フォトグラファー。






Yoichi Yabe

Born in Tokyo, in 1957

Language: Japanese, English

Yoichi Yabe’s international debut as a photographer was in 1989 when he had a chance to photograph major yachting events in Europe like the Admiral’s Cup, Laser Worlds, Tjorn Runt, La Nioulargue, Whitbread Round The World Race, with strong backing from a Japanese publisher Kazi Co., where he had started his career as staff photographer.

Since then, he has covered numerous yachting pinnacles, the America’s Cup (since 1992), the Olympic Games (Barcelona, Atlanta), Whitbread/Volvo Race, Mini Transat, BOC/5 Oceans Solo Round the world, the Race, etc. He also has followed Japanese ocean sailor, Kojiro Shiraishi who has rounded the world solo three times.

He set his own office called Office 11 in 1999.

In 2010, he was assigned to record the major refit of J Class Endeavour, one of the most beautiful and important yachts in the world.

One of his favorite yacht races is the Transpac (from L.A. to Hawaii). He has been onboard Japanese racing boats, Bengal II, Bengal 7 and Tachyon, and did 5 Transpac so far to make their record books.

His love in beautiful curves and craftsmanship led him to the world of classic wooden boats. At home in Japan, he crews for 1972 S&S varnished mahogany sailboat named Khamsin, and in Europe, he is a regular face at Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge as, of course, a photographer.

He not only pursue photography but also does writing and translation (English to Japanese), and has done a lot of repotage mainly in magazines.

The wind, the light, and the sea has always been the object of his photography.

“I travel around the world with my cameras, always wanting to photograph the Wind” – excerpt from Yoichi’s photo book “Sea Scape”

Calligraphy by Kimiko Uemura